Visualization of the elementary principles of the visual logic.




OK is a drawing system, translated into a sound design system, which together illustrates a creation myth - for children. In visual, sonic and mythological terms, two essentially different worlds exist separately. As they draw closer, one starts to be affected by the other, within the laws of their realm. This escalates until the point of contact, where the story ends. Each world are constructed on a set of elementary conditions, of shape and color relationships. The mutual attraction between these realms of opposites drives a process of synthesis, from which "all" shapes and colors are born.

The system and story was established in 2005. Since then I have translated it into work for different occasions. The first time was a poster for KILLL in 2006. The second time I made some sound installations in New York, in 2009. In 2010 I made a public commission at the Rommen School in Oslo, translating the system and story into light signs and sound. In 2013 I had a solo exhibition at the Henie Onstad Center in Oslo, where the OK system was translated into sound and large textile prints. The installation was a commission curated by Lars Mørch Finborud and was funded by Sparebankstiftelsen - and is now in the Henie Onstad collection. Hopefully, in the future OK will be summarized in a book and album.

While I do not believe that image and sound can really be broken down to a number of essential elements that hold true for all, nor that a 1:1 relationship between image and sound can exist, I am interested in what occurs when attempting to do so. The strictness of any system is eased only by dedication and ability. The premises of a visual and sonic world will only appear "true" if executed as if they were.


                                 Visualization of the elementary principles of the sonic logic.


Photo by Carsten Aniksdal.

Visualization of the elementary principles of the sonic logic.


Video documentation, in collaboration with Carsten Aniksdal, starring his niece Oda Aniksdal Skarsholt.

Catalog from the show, which was part of a series of shows funded by Sparebankstiftelsen. Design by Peder Bernhardt.

Collection of catalogs of commissioned work for Henie Onstad Art Center, funded by Sparebankstiftelsen. Design by Peder Bernhardt.



Rommen is an elementary school in east Oslo, and this commission was made for their new building in 2010. It is in three locations: in each of the two entrances and in the main hall. The work was commissioned by Kulturetaten, Oslo Kommune. All the work is made using advertising signs and was manufactured and installed by a Signex A/S.

The signs in the main hall have programmed light sequences, accompanied by sound. They occur at regular times thus giving the installation a clock function.