Bjørnsletta is an elementary school and junior high school in Oslo. When the old buliding was torn down and a brand new one erected in 2014, Kulturetaten, Oslo Kommune, commissioned artwork for four different locations by six artists.

I made three collage clocks, one for each of the three main stairwells of the school. Each clock has a diameter of 120 cm.

The fundamental concept is that the hands of the clock are replaced with rotating discs. The circular discs are cut into the clock face, across each image.The discs rotate; fragmenting and assembling the image as time goes by. Consequently the composition is always changing, each state representing the current time.

The discs on the first clock rotate once every minute. The discs on the second clock rotate once every hour. The discs on the third clock rotate once every 12 hours. Together the three clocks tell the current time.

Carsten Aniksdal and I made this short film about the three collage clocks.

Installing the clock hardware. Photo by Carsten Aniksdal.