ARM          (1996-2005)

Improvised electronic music

So much current laptop work is either reductive to the point of frigidity, or feels like being horsewhipped with live power cables. And so, one falls on great records like Open Reminder with deep, exhausted gratitude. ARM is a Norwegian trio whose work is so full of good ideas it´s like trying to focus on a passing express train. Their glitchology is profoundly musical, deeply experimental and utterly addictive. This is never more evident than on their collaborations with live instrumentalists, particularly the exemplary Håkon Kornstad, whose extended sax techniques enter into delicious tangles with the electronics. Their signature sound is that of iridescent Terry Riley-like organ loops chopped into glittering ribbons, but they cover an extraordinary amount of sonic ground throughout.

Beautiful, funny, thrilling - here at last is laptop music to fall in love with.
— Review by Keith Moliné in The Wire Magazine, 2005

Alexander Rishaug and I were constant members throughout the band´s existence with Marius von der Fehr and Arne Borgan joining for long periods. Øyvind Stoveland Berg and Steven Cuzner were members in the early days, on trumpet and drums respectively.

ARM also performed with guest musicians such as Håkon Kornstad, John Hegre, Tonny Kluften, Jørgen Træen, Pål Asle Pettersen and Martin Horntveth. Many of these sonic encounters ended up on the albums Open Reminder and Driving By Accident, released by the Norwegian label Melektronikk in 2004.

Open Reminder CD cover design. Released by Melektronikk, 2004.

Driving By Accident LP, front cover. Released by Melektronikk, 2004.

Driving By Accident LP, back cover (board game design). Released by Melektronikk, 2004.

Silk-screened promotional poster, 2005.


Concert flyer, 2005.