Studio view, 2007. Photo by Pål Laukli.



(2000-2002) & (2005-2008)

In ION found imagery is reduced and merged by the aid of scissors and glue. Photographs are reworked through collage into an inverted visual universe, attaining qualities from painting or 3D illustrations. The laws ruling this process are formalist restrictions - simple but absolute. They define the choice of source material, what to cut out and how to assemble it. The ION collages are made from the archetypal source material for the teenage collage: fashion magazines.
— Excerpt from press release

ION is a series of handmade paper collages. They are results of an image system, on which I´ve been working on in two periods.

The ION collages has been exhibited at the Astrup Fearnely Museum in Oslo, Standard (Oslo) Gallery, Kunstverein Köln Mülhelm, The Scandinavia House in New York, 0047 Gallery in Oslo, David Risley Gallery in Copenhagen, Visningsrommet USF in Bergen, CNEAI Museum in Paris, Jones & Trubenbach in Cologne, General Public in Berlin, Art Rotterdam and the Stenersen Museum in Oslo.

ION OMNI, No. 3 - 11. Paper collages, each 90 x 60 cm, 2008.

ION, 6th Level No. 1. Paper collage, 41,4 x 59 cm, 2006.

ION, 6th Level No. 1, backside.

Poster from original drawing, white ink on black paper, 2003.

O, collage on paper, 100 x 70 cm, 2008.

ION Omni No. 7 exhibited at David Risley Gallery, next to a painting by Don Van Vliet / Captain Beefheart, at the group show This is our Art This is our Music in 2014. Photo by Erling Jeppesen.