Moderna Museet in Stockholm, as part of the event Art´s Birthday in 2007.

Club Transmediale, Berlin, 2005. Photo by Micropix.

Landmark, Bergen, as part of the Borealis Festival in 2007. Photo by Carsten Aniksdal.

SINGLE UNIT          (2000-2009)


Excerpts of reviews of the album Family of Forces, 2001:

"This is an album that is bizarre almost beyond words, but enchanting and original at the same time, and even if you are frightened by it, you can't help but be impressed." Delusions of Adequacy

"Holy shit! Somewhere along the way the free-jazz hardcore sound has become the domain of the sound-editor and the result is simply genius-mentalism. It's a motherfucker of a ride and one I intend to take many more times - like a psychotic cartoon ghost train travelling at 200 mph across 30 miles of track. Fans of Naked City and Boredoms etc. will be somewhat prepared for the sheer audio heaven that awaits them - the rest of you may have to spend some time coming to terms with what is undoubtedly the future of music. This IS the best album ever made." Overload Media.

"Noise'n Roll - such a short label would define this crazy effort very well as Are Mokkelbost's chief aim is to draw the pros of both conventional determinancy and digital chaocracy into his solemn and eerie musick (...) A frightneningly intelligent formula this is, far from the extreme ideals that depend on the grinding capacity of distortion pedals or the sharpness of feedback assaults (...) Recommended to extreme minds as well as high caliber connoisseurs." Mutlu E. Yetkin of Subsekt.

"Norway's Are Mokkelbost plays the real dark stuff (...) There's a feel here of doom and heavy combat, and the actual playing is never less than inhumanly precise." Pitchfork Media.

"...judging by everything from the densely constructed music to the wordless, white-on-black album art that accompanies it, it's quickly apparent that there's a very clear vision behind this project (...) The uneasy harmonies and creepy keyboard melodies help create an isolated, dystopian mood that settles right in the pit of one's stomach. This is not an album for casual listeners, but for those willing to give themselves up to Single Unit's unsettling and futuristic sound world, it's well worth it." William York of the ALL MUSIC GUIDE.

"The richness of Single Unit's organic electronics and post guitar noise makes for an exhilarating listen. Keyboards, loops and guitar meanderings all have warm textures with almost comical rythms as if this is the soundtrack to some experimental cartoon film." 8/10; Excellent. Terrorizer Magazine.

"An intriguing blend of heavy rock that recalls the avant-prog RIO bands, metallic hardcore, and spacey electronica hand delivered by aliens. In an instant the music will transform from swirling organs to frenzied grinding metal. Both whimsical and intense, Single Unit took me on a wild ride that left me reeling. Family Of Forces is only 32 minutes long but this is a roller coaster ride that makes its point quickly and concisely." Aural Innovations.

"Imagine a black metal record, a Mr. Bungle record, or even a Zappa record, chopped to pieces and reassembled into some sort of insane electronic video game music (...) Weird and GREAT!" Aquarius

"Imagine Slayer playing carnival music, then having Kid 606 remix it, and you'll get a rough idea (...) noisy and schizophrenic, but also refined, making for a confusingly natural fusion of playful and menacing sounds and moods. Fun!" Brainwashed.

"Imagine Wagner hopped up on pills directing an orchestra of death-metal guitarists and keyboardists and you get the idea. This is a brilliant fusion of wildly different disciplines into one really original whole. Highly, highly recommended." Dead Angel.

"SINGLE UNIT manage to combine a milder, more accessible Jap Noise backing with a Thrash Metal structure, bringing degrees of Jazz ethic in as they go. And while this could be an utter and embarrasing failure, they somehow manage to rise up victorious." Anthony Burnham of Metamorphic Journeyman.

Family of Forces. CD released on Jester Records, 2001.

Passion Pirates & Parasites. 7" picture disc released on Synesthetic Recordings, 2002.

Live at Moderna Museet in Stockholm, as part of the event Art´s Birthday in 2007.